The Safety Regulations in Laboratory

The Safety Regulations in Laboratory

1. The laboratory safety officer is responsible for the supervision and implementation of the Safety Regulations in Laboratory. The person in charge of the experiment is fully responsible for the safety of the experiment.

2. All experimenters should strictly implement the policy of "Prevention first - Safety first".

3. Before the experiment, it is necessary to correctly assess the potential safety issues and do a good job of safety protection, and conduct a comprehensive safety inspection.

4. Please strictly follow the operating procedures during the experiment, wear protective equipment and use equipment correctly in accordance with the specifications. Do not leave post without authorization during the experiment please.

5. After the experiment is completed, please make sure that all equipment and reagents have been turned off to return to their original positions, the power, water, and fire sources have been cut off, and the doors and windows have been closed before leaving the laboratory.

6. Please do not move laboratory instruments, equipment, cylinders, etc. without the approval of the safety officer.

7. For potentially dangerous experimental operations, a written application (including emergency plan) should be submitted in advance, and after the approval of the laboratory director, it can be carried out in the presence of the person in charge of the experimental subject.

8. The Safety Regulation in Laboratory shall be implemented from January 1, 2021.

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